young boys

  • Election 3 List entries to share the center of the table as a starter. (one serving each 4 persons approx.)
  • Free second dish choice among the options listed
  • Drinks Excluded
  • Price 34 € / pax + 10% IVA = Total 37,40€/pax
  • Service for full tables
  • For groups of more than 12 Diners select the inputs necessary to make reservations. options meat and fish will also be reduced to four

TICKETS (to choose three)

  • Iberian Ham
  • Lomito Serrano
  • Pure Sheep Cheese
  • Kobe Beef Carpaccio (raza wagyu) with Canons, Cheese and Pistachios
  • Marinated Scallops with Pepper Vinaigrette, Tomato ginger and lemon
  • Organic salad tomatoes, And peppered tuna belly
  • Smoked salad with Tomatitos, Burrata, Almonds and Canena&Co nº1
  • Papas gazpacho "alinas" and Melva Strait
  • Shrimp Salad
  • Crystal bread with Sardina Lomo Ahumada
  • Tuna tataki Red -60º with Salmorejo and ham Fund
  • Bluefin Tuna tartare -60 °
  • French toast with sausage Rice and Honey
  • Zucchini stuffed with ratatouille and quail egg
  • Artichoke Stuffed with Blue Cheese
  • Garlic Prawns Hamburguesita
  • Oxtail croquettes
  • Fried Prawn tails in tomato sauce Home
  • Omelette fritters "Papas"
  • Scallops and Shrimp dumplings Zucchini Salsa
  • Grilled octopus with potatoes and garlic mayonnaise
  • Squid stuffed pig snouts
  • Fresh Duck liver Pedro Ximenez
  • Grilled Vegetables Time
  • Scrambled "Papas" and Chorizo


  • Turbot (cutting) Iron and Seasonal Vegetables
  • Fried Squid Stuffed Cod Cocochas in Green Muslin
  • "Torito" Hake Seaweed Two Textures
  • Cod North South (fried to gaditana with Bilbaína of GARLIC,, parsley and vinegar)
  • Ventresca Bluefin Tuna Almadraba Ali-Oli -60 ° with Basil
  • Downloaded tataki Almadraba Bluefin Tuna with Salmorejo and ham
  • Corvina Gratin to Rio Viejo
  • Lomo Vaca Gallega Matured
  • Fillet of Beef "Marquis"
  • Roast rack of Lamb with Thyme (first firing at low temperature)
  • Baby Lamb Loin Stuffed, Fresh foie gras and apple Asada
  • Acorn Iberian Pork with Mustard Crispy
  • Pig's trotters (deshuesadas), Roasted peppers and Iberian ham
  • Oxtail stew the Andalusian


  • Individual selection of pastries
    (Perfect Chocolate, Heaven and bacon millefeuille Nata)