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historia1In the historic city and Ronda between Gates and Carmona Osario, Recaredo street in full, the first lines of the birth of our firm are written, Restaurant Becerrita. It was, D. Enrique Becerra Reyes, who with firm pulse, the start; with "tasqueros" training feelings and concerns Hosteleras, from humility, but high-ranking and quality, you carry with tenacity, commitment and training for life itself, to create this signature, today stands for quality and service, as One restaurant par excellence of Seville and Andalusia, with great devotional in Spain.

And corner, to name a street that takes a lot of devotion Virgin and a painting preserved close, in the Chapel of Our Lady. Sra. of the Angels, as Guadalupe, stands, the cornerstone of this business, en un enclave singular, by the author of the building, work the Sevillian architect, D. Espiau José Muñoz, one of the great idealists of Regionalism in Seville. Bar Picacho, It was its original name, it was the year of 1968 and although next to another family business, does not prevent him grow, until arriving in successive transformations and reforms 1988, year in which a new journey begins, and as Restaurant Becerrita.

The advanced age of D. Enrique, support makes all his wisdom in his son, Jesus Becerra Gomez, current owner and the stellar notes and training on his father's bar, It grows and gives its stamp, qualities today by its youth, It makes it a business, where it supported by the various technologies and training successive renewals him and his employees, delivered in un Restaurant, no solo singular, for its culinary quality and service, but also for its innovations and updated image, confining tradition and modernism, in one single name ... RESTAURANT Becerrita.

OPEN EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR from Monday to Saturday 13:00h a 16:30and h 20:00h a 00:30h. Sunday 13:00h a 16:30h.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Ticket Restaurant, Gourmets and Becerrita Tickets Gift Card.

SPECIAL TIMES: Palm Sunday open at night. 1 January and 25 December open. 24 Y 31 of Dicimbre closed nights. July and August closed Saturday and Sunday. 15 August closed.

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Start a tour to our restaurant, through their messes, would introduce a guide part of the history of the area, where are you. Linked by names the neighborhood: Medinaceli, Don Enrique, Pilate, Imperial Gate Carmona where its main feature is its privacy and Availability from 2 a 45 Diners.

In Becerrita, We not just care the quality of our service and cuisine, also we walked hand, of an and elaborate decoration, where the setting for culture and art, Sevillana authorship, is reflected ... Marry, link, fit and consensus, art and cuisine, with environment, tradition and image, It was undoubtedly, the first synthesis building Restaurant Becerrita; which assembled by creativity and interior design Sevillian Antonio Maria Lebrero and marked by the uniqueness of the historical building where it is located, of Espiau and regionalist architect José Muñoz, It makes us, our way forward, one of the leaders in the Andalusian hospitality.


We want our plans to bring them closer to the experiences of the pleasures that come from everything that happens, in this your house. The availability of a wide range of possibilities for you, our clients, It is our goal, make a difference; where you may, the real beneficiaries of our quality and service.

For that, we have created our plans Becerrita, a different concept of understanding gastronomy.

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